Dried Mushrooms

A Pleasure for Fine Cooking!

Our dried mushrooms are air-dried immediately after harvesting, processed without preservatives in order to keep their aroma and regularly inspected for high quality!

Dried mushrooms, a culinary and healthy pleasure! Because only water is removed in the drying process the aroma remains in its full concentration. Using dried mushrooms is a very refined way to add subtle tastes to your dishes!

Dried mushrooms are suitable for restaurants, for gastronomy and for private households. In our airtight sealed bags the mushrooms can be kept for many months without losing quality or taste.

Trockenpilze für die Gastronomie

Large Packages

Do you need larger quantities? Would you like to buy dried mushrooms in large packages – 500 g, 1000 g or larger?

At vitalpilze-naturheilkraft.de you can get our beloved eating mushrooms in practical sizes of 20 g, 50 g and 100 g but also in larger bulk quantities. Here in the shop you can order Bio dried mushrooms from Pilze Wohlrab in premium quality in packages of 0.5 kg and 1 kg. This is easy, comfortable and advantageous.
These package sizes are ideal for volume users like restaurants, hotels, public houses, canteens, professional cooks and ambitious hobby cooks who do not want to do without these tasty morsels outside the mushroom season. Dried mushrooms are an indispensable condiment for gastronomy because they can be used in many different ways, are uncomplicated and fast to cook and they taste fantastic.
Ask us for an offer if you want even larger quantities!

Processing of Dried Mushrooms

Trockenpilze in der Küche vorbereitenIn order to prepare dried mushrooms for use in the kitchen and in particular recipes, they must be soaked in water and then strained. It is important to use boiling water to soak the mushrooms.

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Our product line includes:

Agaricus blazei


Oyster mushrooms

Butter mushrooms

White button mushrooms

Horns of plenty

King trumpet mushrooms




Black morels

King boletes

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